Portrait Andrea Nienaber

Dr. Andrea Nienaber

Managing Partner
Dr. Andrea Nienaber, a vital member of the DE BORD INTERNATIONAL team since 2018, is our dedicated executive search expert specializing in the life sciences sector.

With a Ph.D. in biology and a wealth of consulting experience, Andrea combines her deep industry knowledge with a keen eye for detail. She doesn't just view your company through a macroscopic lens; she examines the microscopic intricacies of your products. Andrea excels in finding the perfect team members and addressing critical medical and technical needs. Fluent in German, English, and Dutch, she brings a global perspective to her work.

At home, Andrea Nienaber’s two daughters keep her on the go, but she always manages to infuse her natural calm with moments of delightful irony within our team.

«Be who you are! Be that in the best way possible!»