Requirements & Procedures

Minimal Requirements

Our customers have the highest demands for interim managers. Therefore, only managers who fulfill the following requirements can stand their ground:

  • You have many years of management experience on the first and/or the second management level in a company that is active internationally, possibly listed on the stock exchange, and which employs several hundred to several thousand employees.
  • Your current and updated know-how from your basic management field gives you a competitive advantage in comparison with other candidates.
  • During your management activities, you have learned to implement modern management tools and to use them yourself.
  • Your professional and also personal experience in various environments give you the necessary social competence and composure to tackle the tasks given to you.
  • During your long career, you have developed a feeling for the needs of your customers. You can pursue and reach them with the necessary persistence.
  • Each environment is different. Often the interim manager must familiarize himself with a new topic in a very short time. You can elaborate and suggest solutions.
  • You have a valid address in Switzerland either as a Swiss resident, business address, or private address.

All of these abilities characterize managers who have proven themselves and have gained the necessary experience. We therefore only accept individuals who have decided to work exclusively as interim or project managers as of now.

Recruiting Process

We follow a convenient but thorough process in order to onboard you in the De Bord International Interim Database:

1. Submit your CV

First, read the requirements demanded of the candidates interim managers of De Bord International and decide for yourself whether you fulfill the required conditions and want to be a part of this network. If you can answer both these questions with “yes”, please send us your complete application documents. Preferably apply through the form below.

2. Analysis of your CV

We analyze your CV and check your prospects in the market. Your CV should show your key skills and why your services will be asked for in the market. We demand exceptional professional and personal qualities, hence, it is not the number of members that we have in our network which counts, it is the quality. This means it can happen that we do not accept a candidate specialized in a certain field where we have already many experts. We can, however, keep a candidate in reserve for an unexpected exceptional opportunity.

3. Personal Interview

As soon as your CV has been positively analyzed, you will be invited to a personal interview. This is intended to confirm our expectations which have resulted from your CV. The interview also makes it possible for us to get to know you personally, to check the professionalism of your appearance and to clarify open questions in a personal discussion.

4. Contract

After the personal interview and presuming that all went well, we'll propose you a contract, which signing confirms that you have become a member of our network.

5. Assignment

As soon as there are orders from clients which you can fulfill rapidly, in a competitive and competent manner, we'll contact you and we shall initiate negotiations with the clients.

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