Portrait Sandra Vontobel

Sandra Vontobel

Managing Partner
Sandra Vontobel, our accomplished Managing Partner at DE BORD INTERNATIONAL since July 2023, brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

With a background as a trained lawyer and certified auditor, she boasts a proven track record in financial reporting, international team leadership, structural and process enhancement, and compliance. Her role as an independent board member has honed her strategic, organizational, and management acumen. Sandra's extensive background and multifaceted perspective inform her holistic approach to executive search, drawing from her rich experience in diverse sectors. Passionate about discovering top talent, she excels in sourcing candidates for consulting, sports, public administration, foundations, and associations.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sandra finds joy in sports and music. From leisurely walks with her Labrador Nala to attending concerts, her favorite pastimes reflect her appreciation for life's simple pleasures, often shared over a good glass of wine and a delightful meal.

«Standing still is not an option»