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Executive Search & Talent Recruiting

We Know Who You Are Looking For

Our experts have directly acquired their knowledge through years of managerial experience in their respective industry. We know about ups and downs and are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the markets. From our own experience, we know that sometimes you must fall to get up again and move forward.
And together we are particularly strong: We actively support and advise you as a sparring partner in filling key positions in order to successfully make your organization fit for the future. Are you looking for a new individual to complete your team or do you need to fill a vacancy? We are passionate experts with first-hand experience, knowing the needs of your industry and what is important: The ideal new employee not only knows your market and brings along a suitable education background – but above all, also shares your organizational values and beliefs. We find the piece of the puzzle that complements your team to complete the picture. Because in our own team it also shows on a daily basis that not only do we have to count on each other’s strengths and knowledge but we also laugh about the same jokes.

Assessment & Due Diligence

Especially in a leadership position, not only specialist knowledge is required, but also solid leadership skills and a healthy self-awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses. The assessment examines and observes relevant aspects of the personality in various realistic exercises and situations. Following the assessment, the client will have a detailed report on the findings and potential sectors of improvement for future collaborations.

MemorySearch - Our Young Professional Network

Young talents, high potentials, especially of generation Y and Z - the digital natives born after 1980 - bring many competences, skills and a breath of fresh air to a company.

With MemorySearch - a brand of DE BORD INTERNATIONAL - we offer the recommendation of well-trained personalities with first professional experience, talents and high potentials for executive positions. One step ahead - Our team finds and recommends targeted young professionals. You are a young manager on your way to a management career or want to grow into a larger area of responsibility. Our experts will conduct direct, personal interviews with you and make recommendations to selected companies.

As a company, you are looking for young professionals and aspiring managers who have already taken on their first management responsibilities. Our experts use traditional and electronic media for research and conduct direct, personal interviews with all eligible applicants.

We find and recommend young talents who are committed, motivated and willing to achieve excellence.

Lense & Lumen - Our International Partner Association

We are a founding partner of the Lense & Lumen Advisory Group, co-owned by four independent European Executive Search & HR Consultancy firms that have decided to join their talents and expertise in order to create a new international organisation. Our four firms have been working together for many years, leading searches for C- level positions and assisting companies in their international expansion.

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group pools resources and processes, by sharing experience, know-how and best practice to provide high-level services to clients. With members in the partner association from Belgium, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA, Lense & Lumen Advisory Group is a partner network that is already made up of a hundred professionals; with the goal to expand over the next few months to enlarge international coverage.